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An-3 transport and agricultural airplane An-38 airplane for local airlines

Engine type - turbo-prop with free turbine.


This engine has "inverted" modular design (in front of power plant behind the reduction gearbox with tractor propeller, the turbine with exhaust device is located, and the inlet guide-vane compressor is located in rear part of power plant) consisting of modules:

- Gas generator (8-stage axial-centrifugal compressor, combustion chamber with rotating fuel nozzle, 2-stage axial-flow turbine);

- Free turbine (axial 2-stage);

- Reduction gearbox (2-stage, one stage is planetary);

- Aircraft accessories box;

- Generator accessory box;

- Starter-generator box;

- Exhaust pipe;


Power transmission to the propeller shaft via a reduction gearbox located behind the free turbine and couple with the latter by torsion shaft.

Automatic start from a 27-VDC power source with motoring of gas generator rotor on TVD-20-01 and TVD-20-01B engines with two electric starters. On TVD-20-01BM and TVD-20-03B engines the motoring of gas generator rotor is from the starter-generator on 24x 48 V system. Power supplied from airborne storage batteries or an external 27-VDC power source in interaction with airborne storage batteries.

The TVD-20-03B engine has an independent oil system with air-oil cooler, oil tank.


DATA ON TVD-20-01, TVD-20-01B, TVD-20-01BM, TVD-20-03B ENGINES






Application on airplane




Maximum emergency power condition

Propeller shaft power, kW (hp) not less




1140 (1550)

Rotational speed of gas generator rotor, min-¹





30 800320

Fuel consumption, kg/h, no more





Takeoff power

Equivalent power, ekW (ehp), not less

1052 (1430)

1088 (1480)

Propeller shaft power, kW (hp), not less

1011 (1375)


1048 (1425)

Rotational speed of gas generator rotor, min-¹ (%)

29 850320 (93,41,0)


30 000320 (93,81,0)

Propeller shaft rotational speed, min-¹ (%)

159033 (75,51,6)

170032 (80,71,5)

Fuel consumption, kg/h, no more




Specific fuel consumption referred to equivalent power kg/kWh (kg/(ehp)h)

0,313 (0,230)

0,306 (0,225)

The engine serial production is organized by the Omsk Engine Production Association named after P.I. Baranov.

The OEDB continues the research and development works directed on increase of engine economy, develop-ing new engine modifications of the TVD-20.